Saturday, January 30, 2010

PB Catalina Fixed Gate 3-in-1 Crib.

PB Catalina Fixed Gate 3-in-1 Crib.
Retail: $499
Babies R Us Crib 3-in-1 (was Bailey's, will be Taylors!)
Retail: $299

Total Savings: $200
We have had this crib ever since before Bailey, but it just has a pottery barn feel it to me, even though not exactly like the PB crib. My goal isn't to search for the "perfect" PB thing to match what I am looking for, but mix my style and what I think looks PB-ish even if it isn't found in the PB catalog!

PB Glass Vase.

PB Glass Vase (for candles or flowers or fillers!)
Ikea Glass Vase (a bit different base, same idea/size)

I still have yet to find the right thing I want to fill it with (maybe coffee beans?!) and get a candle to place inside or maybe a huge bunch of costco flowers?!...either way I super excited about the find!

Friday, January 8, 2010

PB Montego Turned Leg Rectangular Table.

So, I have to say that I pride myself more on finding things that "look" PB, more than actually going to the mall to buy PB stuff. What challenge is there in that?! :) (Not to mention an arm and a leg that you save by finding look alike items!).
Any way! My husband and I had been watching a table at Pottery Barn in the Brea mall for seriously two years. We don't go to the mall much, but when we do we have to stop by and check out the set up decor at PB.
We saw the table we had dreamed about for years with only $200 knocked off the original price (which as you know is like 2 cents compared to PB prices). It wasn't enough to make us a long shot.
So a few days later we looked on the PB website and the same table was $500 off the original price! STILL...not enough to make us budge! But my husband wanted more detail on the table and so he called the store to see if they had any in stock. They didn't have the straight leg version of the Montego Table that we had originally wanted, they had a turned leg table, but while setting the table up in the store it had gotten some serious scratches on it (so the lady said). The lady at PB enticed him with another 30% off the already sale price plus
(that was $500 off) she would take an extra $100 off because the original straight leg table that we wanted was $100 less than the turned legged table they had .. so he said he wanted to come look at it, and the "scratches". He went down there to look at it, and he couldn't believe what the lady had called "scratches". It was ridiculous awesome (and great for us!) the scratches are barely noticable!!!!...he called me and decided that it would be a steal of a deal, so him and my step dad went back to pick it up.
I am so excited to know that this PB table is the ONLY genuine piece of PB furniture I think we own! But it is honestly super quality and a wise purchase considering the price, but the table with out leaves seats 6-8, with ONE leaf in seats 8-10, with TWO leaves seats 12! So what a dream! SO excited... and how special the table has a story behind it as well and hopefully will be in our family a long long time :) All I can say is that it SO paid off to be patient!

PB Montego Turned Leg Rectangular Table.

Our PB Montego Turned Leg Rectangular Table!
(without neither of the two leaves in).


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mock PB Grayson Chair.

For TWO years I waited and watched EVERYWHERE to find a "deal" on these kind of chairs. I could find them less expensive than PB, but even still it was just more than I was willing to pay considering the fact that I needed 6 of them for our dining room table! One day an add hit me smack between the eyes! Buy two of these style chairs for $99 at Burlington Coat Factory (I didn't even know they sold furniture?!). That means about $50 a piece compared to the next lowest price I had ever seen which was at costco $75 a piece or Target $99 a piece! But once again, the pure inspiration was PB!

PB Grayson Chair. Price Per Chair: $249.00-$499.00

Burlington Coat Factory Chairs
Price Per Chair $49.50

Mock Stacked Crystal Ball Table Lamp.

I fell in love with these lamps while visiting the local PB at the mall. They just look so super classy. But of coarse they were not in my budget and I wanted them for the master bedroom, so I needed TWO of them, which was REALLY not in the budget. I went on a mission to find ones like them, for a better price! Success!

PB Stacked Crystal Ball Table Lamp.
Price Per Lamp: $229 (shade included in price)

Target Table Lamp.
Price Per Lamp (shade not included): $39.99

P.S. I got the shades for FREE from my cousin that no longer needed them! SCORE!

Mock PB Logan Modular Small Wall Unit.

When my husband Mike and I first got married, we moved into a teeny 650 sq ft. 2nd story apartment. We had so much stuff and not a lot of room, but didn't want to move until we actually moved into a home to "purchase". So we just got creative with the way we were going to store all of our stuff! At the time, we LIVED at Ikea! So we found this super cute unit that is now about 5 years old, but has held up GREAT and just happens to fit perfectly against one wall in our dining room in our new home (well as of 3 years ago this May 2010!). I just happened to be looking through of coarse the PB magazine and saw that we had something similar and wasn't even trying to copy it! Super fun!

PB Logan Modular Small Wall Unit.
Price: $3599.00

Ikea Liatorp Shelving Unit.
Totaly Price (even though individual pieces): $1200.00

Mock PB Classic Glass Apothecary Jars.

I seriously can't think of anything more classy than these glass apothecary jars. They are just purely beautiful and leave the sky as the limit for what you could use to fill them with! PB is such a classic, timeless style and I think that's why I love it so much! Below is the inspiration from PB with the jars themselves, but added my own personal touch on what to fill them with! I decided to have everyone that I knew that drinks wine, save there wine corks for me, had Bailey collect some twigs that fall off a eucalyptis tree infront of our house everytime we go get the mail, and our daughter Bailey also has an obsession with collecting "pebble-ish" like rocks, so that was what we filled the 3rd jar with! It looks so organic, but also has sentiment behind the pieces being collected in the jars! The single jar is filled with shells that we find every year when we go away for our annual trip to my Aunt & Uncles beach front house in Newport Beach, Ca.

PB Classic Glass Apothecary Jars
Price Per Jar: $39.00-$69.00

TJ Maxx & Ross Apothecary Jars
Price Per Jar: $10.oo-$12.00

Michaels Craft Store Apothecary Jar
Price Per Jar: $7.50 (with weekly 40% off coupon!)